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Space Design

Chamber Of Reflection

A Space Installation created using only waste and junk material in 12 hours, over the theme Sadness.
"We were supposed to design a Installation for "Monsoon Fiesta",annual cultural fest of NID. The theme was Sadness, and we were given 24 hours to complete the work,using only junk and found materials." The installation was built by a team of 10 members. We ideated over the theme and cameup with many ideas before boiling it down to self reflection.

Concept : the years run too short and the days too fast.

After many iteration and concepts, we finally settled to the concept of an architechtural model that would guide you through and give you an opportunity to self reflect over the thoughts of "What Makes me Sad" and "Who am I". The chamber had walls made of crocheted jute, that allowed the light to filter in. A soothing music was played while you rested inside the chamber.Shreyasi was the one who introduced the main concept to us and later everyone contributed to build over it.
The entrance of the chamber was in the form of a golden ratio spiral. We developed a Auto Cad model of the whole structure to visualise the over all scale and postion of the elements.

Material Used:
We found that we had a lot of bamboo and jute in our junkyard. We dug 1 foot deep holes to fix bamboo that was 8 feet long. We used total of 11 such bamboos to form a structure to support our spiral. The walls were made out of crocheted Jute. A curtain kind of structure was formed using the Jute. We also collected leftover paper cutouts from various studios and used them to wirite the 'Existential Questions' inside the chamber. Later we used plastic sheets to cover alternate walls to create a beautiful patter from the natural light. Also the roof was covered to save it from the rain.

Process and Installation

The project presented me with a beautiful opportunity to work with a very talented team.

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1: Display- The project was on display at NID, Monsoon-fiesta 2016

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