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"Project BigBlue"

"I'm gazing up, I'm gazing high.
Let me watch the stars tonight.
It mightn't give me better grades,
or wash my clothes or clean the plates,
or make me famous, make me rich,
or change the direction of my fate.
And it won't just fix the politics,
or save the falling economy, or cease these tiring, endless wars
and it won't eradicate poverty.
But even if there's nothing right,
let me watch the stars tonight."

Poem: 'Stargazing' by Kataleya

Introducing the concept and motivation behind project BigBlue. Stock footage by Pexels and from videos shot at National Institute of Design.
BigBlue is a combination of a mobile application and a VR based telescope built out of Cardboard. The primary aim of the project is to impart scientific knowledge about astronomy in a fun and practical way. And enable everyone to implore more to have interest in astronomy.
The Content and the form factor is targeted at the beginner level astronomy enthusiasts who wish to explore astronomy but either could not afford a telescope or find an optical telescope too complex to operate.

The project is developed using Student Startup Innovation Program Student Open Innovation Challenge ( SSIP SOIC ). As part of the grant of Two Hundred Thouand INR. SSIP is an initiative by Gujarat State Government. The Project is being mentored by Shri. Balaji Rengarajan, Discipline Lead, Universal Design at the National Institute of Design.

If you are interested in this study of project see more on Project Website.. Sign up for updates to know when we release the product in the markets in 2022.

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