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Digital UX Project: Client Work

Anomaly Configuration dashboard for industrial IoT

Anomaly configuration dashboard was designed for a German client, the dashboard was supposed to help their machine engineers to configure and set boundary conditions for maintaining the machines on the shopfloor. The project was quite a challenge in itslef for me as we only had a database schema of how the sensor data were being stored in the backend. Using just that information we had to uncover through our design process what would fullfill the clients need. In brief the project was built to be the front-end application for Anomaly configuration to effectively create, edit, search, delete Findings (flags raised when specific conditions are met based of signals captured and analysed), Recommendations and Anomalies (abnormality of pattern in data being captured) and add anomaly equations to help technicians configure the machines on shop floor .

The process that we followed was similar to socratic dialogues, we took the role of the ignorant master asking the questions and held multiple rounds of discussions with the stakeholders. Each time shuffling between who was the student answering the questions we asked, sometimes it were the stakeholders and some times we would pose the questions to ourselves.
The process was full of deductions for each decision we took with respect to workflow and the interface interactions. As need for is with most of the projects where the backend is built and deployed first and then a need for UX is felt, we had a few tradeoffs in functionality as well. We started off our process by defining and the redefining with a series of questionaires the initial workflow that the user would have to take to configure the anomaly dashboard.

Workflow diagram

Project Video

Will be shared soon.

If the highlights of the project are of interest and you wish to know more on the process or any other detail, contact me.

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