a systematic aproach to building Automaton 

from movement to motion to mechanism 

  • Story / Concept
  • Movement
  • Motion
  • Mechanism
  • Automata


A movement is about the "quality" of the motion rather than the motion alone. Movements are poetic, they are complete motions with a sense of purpose and direction.   


Space is through which a body moves. It can be personal space or general space, with direction, focus, levels and size.        

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Every element in this universe flows in time. Beat, tempo,rhythm are all elements of time, which make a movement appear   sudden,slow or sustained.  

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Force is the energy that when applied to a body kick starts movement in a body. Force can be sharp, strong light, heavy, bound,free flowing.  

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A movement is realised when the body parts have a conversation with one another.A body in motion establishes relationship with space, time, and force around it. 

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Motion of automata can be broken down into a combination of some basic motions. Here are six basic motions. These can be downloaded and printed. The cards can be scanned using an app to show its AUGMENTED Reality content.     

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Up and Down

Motion that moves up and then down in staright succession.
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Round and twisting up

A case where the body rotates and climbs up in a twisting manner.
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Round and Round

Many motions such as ...... can be realised by rotating on the perpendicular axis.
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When the body rotates around a central axis, other than its own.
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Up and Down Short

A body can move up complete and while returning back down the movement can be restricted. Creating a jery and wavy motion.
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Sequential Up and Down

The up and down movement can be spread across the body
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To help materialise these concepts of movement and motion and to give them a tangible form, here is a kit that can be built to create all six basic motion.