Kinetic Sculptures

To design a Wind Powered Kinetic Sculpture.

Kinetic Sculpture

Sprinkle of Wind

"Sprinkle of Wind" is a Kinetic Sculpture that was built as a part of studies in motion and form. The purpose of the exercise was to induce a pleasurable aesthetic experience through movement.

The sculpture was built using Teak Wood for the base of the sculpture and 5mm thickness MDF for the spokes of the structure. The blades were constructed using 2 mm thick acryllic that was custom laser cut and then bent into appropriate angles to form a verticle draught turbine arrangement of the blades.
A roller ball bearing was used to connect the shaft to the illusion pattern of the MDF. The bearing provided the necessary mechanism for rotation and to avoid the friction.

The sculpture moves even with the slightest and most gentle amount of breeze in a very elegant manner.

See the video hosted on Vimeo :

batman kinetic sculpture


Batman was made as a exploration for different shapes of blade for wind powered kinetic sculpture. Inspired by the Batman Logo, this sculpture is a table top artefact and moves in an elegant manner while sitting on top of your desk.

Design Process :process and explorations

Week 1 and 2

During first two weeks we spent time with making various joints and mechanisms with wood,Mild Steel and Aluminium.

Week 2 and 3

Next two weeks various metaphors associated with motion and wind were identified and prototypes of low level tested.

Week 4 and 5

Fianlly the concept of sculpture that created an optical illusion was finalised and built. A lot of tim and thought was put to decide the shape of the blades and a lot of experimentation went into it.


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