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A speculative device situated in the realms of IoT that enables a non-intrusive way of communicating your nostalgic feelings to someone.

Brief Summary

This project is an enquiry into how to deal with Nostalgia in a non-intrusive way. The project aims to utilise the IoT platform to trigger nostalgia and convey it to the other person in a non intrusive manner so that the whole process appears very seamless and intuitive.We have some objects of significance to which we associate some object memories, the artefact Fireflies aims to utilise those object memories and evoke those memories.The artefact comes in a pair, that uses home Wifi to convey that someone somewhere is remembering you, it uses the Light as medium in the form of tiny fireflies each holding a memory of distant past.


FIRE-flies is a Design project concept Exploring the theme of Nostalgia and contentedness in this digital age.
When timelessness, formlessness, spacelessness of digital artifacts is a matter of debate.
The project is still a work in progress and this is the first working prototype.
A New Age way of communicating your
nostalgia towards your loved ones, in a very
subtle and non-intrusive way. The interconnected
jars Glow when either of the Jars is held in the
hands by the owners, thus transmitiing the
eeriness felt when we remember someone.

Concept and Built By:
Pranshu Chaudhary

Project Guides:
Jignesh Khakhar (NID)
Michael Longford (York University)

Photography and Videography:
Sneha Sarang (NID)

Shreya Gupta (NID)
Kshitiz Sharma (NID)

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