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VoiletHill: A search within ..

VoiletHill is a work in progress game that was inspired by a friend who had clinical depression. During my first meeting with this person I had no clue what they were suffering from. They appeared to me nothing like how I would imagine a clinically depressed person to be. At least on the outside.

After a sequence of conversations with this friend of mine I felt that Mental Health issues are still not understood by people who are suffering from it and nor by the society they are part of. very often the one who is going through the experience of depression would find themselves lonely and lost in an endless darkness. And while the society would be quick to put labels on them, we make very little effort in right direction to understand them at their levels.

This game trailer that I have worked on is based on one of the illustrations done by this friend of mine. I felt that a game might indirectly give them some hope , that in this suffering of theirs they are not alone. One common issue with mental Illness is branding the person as "Abnormal". When this is done the person gets isolated and this abnormality branding also contributes to the loneliness, that the person is already suffering from. The trailer which is supposed to be a part of the first level, shows a pair of bright shiny eyes, lost in the darkness, feeling that they are the only ones lost in the dark. But when they look around they actually see that they are not the only ones in the darkness. The idea is to make people aware of the fact that mental illness is like any other illness which can be cured and that the one who is suffering from it is not the only one who is different, and thus "Abnormal"

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